Twin Aire March 2017 Update

We gathered on Monday, March 13th to celebrate the selection of Twin Aire to be one of the Great Places 2020 in the Twin Aire Shopping Center, where we held our GP 2020 Presentation. There were over 90 folks attending – with a great representation of area residents, business owners and stakeholders.

The evening was catered through two generous gifts from Krogers and LISC. Local leaders decorated the space and spread the word – resulting in the largest gathering of the Twin Aire Neighborhood Coalition to date.

Shannon Stahley of Citizens Energy, Andy Mallon representing the City of Indianapolis, along with Bill Taft and Starla Officer presented an overview of what the Great Places 2020 designation means for the neighborhood – and the good work that lies ahead to make Twin Aire a Great Place by 2020. It was noted that, due to the $375,000 EDA Grant to Citizens Energy that will be matched with an additional $375,000 from Citizens, the neighborhood will receive additional planning and research. Shannon Stahley called this a Great Places effort on Steroids.

Additionally, Andy Mallon presented an update on the Community Justice Center that is being proposed to locate on the abandoned Coke Processing Plant site. This will be a $575,000,000 addition that will bring a great economic stimulation to the area.

The eight Co-Chairs of the L.O.V.E. committees were introduced and folks were asked to sign up for one of the committees. The result was over 40 volunteers have committed to being a part of the planning process.