This neighborhood has taken the initiative to invest in human capital and to reclaim abandoned spaces like the Mallory campus with a vision for a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood welcoming residents and visitors alike.

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•  Enhance walkability
•  Add public art
•  Improve infrastructure
•  Improve streetscapes/sidewalks
•  Expand mass transit, parks & open spaces
•  Encourage recreation/fitness
•  Create bike lanes
•  Calm traffic
With landmarks like the historic Carnegie Library, the Wonderland Sideshow murals, rooftop hockey on Commonwealth Gym and cultural activities that already draw people to the neighborhood throughout the year, Washington and Oxford is primed to become a Great Place. Willard Park is a half-mile west, and several pocket parks and community gardens dot this eastside area. Currently, modest bike lanes can be found to the north on New York and Michigan Streets with plans to upgrade those lanes along with a desire to make Washington Street more bicycle-friendly and pedestrian-friendly. Furthermore, with the new Mass Transit Center being built just two miles west of this area, the heavily used IndyGo routes that cut through this part of the city will only become more important in the coming years.
•  Undertake façade improvement projects
•  Acquire, stabilize and renovate key parcels
•  Remedy brownfields
•  Attract, retain and support small businesses
Many steps have been taken to ready the neighborhood for economic development opportunities. The most significant single space for such growth is the 12-acre former PR Mallory and Crown Laundry Campus which is now under community site control. While much work is to be done, investments have been made to remove some buildings, restore others and build new additions, with a vision for the campus to become a place for educational and economic opportunities, focusing on artisan manufacturing of creative industrialism. Many small businesses have located in the area for decades, and several new entrepreneurs have recently added to the commercial mix.
•  Increase the capacity for housing redevelopment from infill construction
•  Develop senior housing and high-density apartments
•  Attract new residents
Perched along two major proposed rapid mass transit lines, the area is positioned for residential growth with several developments for mixed-use and dedicated apartment spaces completed and being constructed. The former Crown Laundry site is the proposed net energy-positive Oxford Place Senior Apartments with the potential to become Indiana’s greenest building. In addition to offering senior living, this three-phase development has eyes on a three-story mixed-use market rate development with 70 residences and 15,000 square feet of commercial space. And the Englewood Community Development Corporation continues to be instrumental in assisting households of various incomes to become homeowners or business property owners with no subsidies.
•  Improve daycare, pre-K and local school opportunities
•  Leverage Ivy Tech’s presence
•  Increase youth programs
•  Continue improving the East Washington Street Library
Though limited, high-quality private daycare, early education, grade school and non-traditional high school opportunities are all available within a quarter-mile of the area. The highly regarded Oaks Academy and the rising Paramount School for Excellence are also one mile to the north. And the Englewood CDC’s Nature Playspace and Outdoor Classroom is becoming an incredibly important place for engaging young learners in nature play and adults in horticulture and food production. Building on these existing amenities, the area is looking to attract more diverse options for education.
Interested in getting involved in the efforts of this Great Place? Contact Joe Bowling.