Serving as a bridge between downtown and the north side, this diverse neighborhood is undergoing transformative changes to Tarkington Park and its surrounding commercial spaces that will appeal to residents of varying income levels.

At the midpoint between downtown Indianapolis and Broad Ripple, lies a connected area centered at the intersection of 38th and Illinois Streets. This area is one in the middle of it all. A midtown with midcentury modern style emerging from a midlife crisis, halfway between a confl icted past and an optimistic future. This is an ambitious area overcoming boundaries that extend beyond the once maple-lined roads, to be an inspiring place much greater than ever before.

Great Places 2020 is a collaborative initiative that seeks to transform strategic places in Marion County into dynamic urban villages bettering both the economy and quality of life. Maple Crossing was selected as a Great Place for its potential, its unique assets, and its location within a number of active neighborhoods. Capitalizing on these qualities will allow Maple Crossing to become a hub of connectivity and community.

Maple Crossing Strategic Plan

Maple Crossing Abbreviated Strategic Plan

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•  Encourage walking, bicycling, and transit use and discourage excessive motoring speeds
•  Turn Tarkington Park into a destination urban park and enhance the physical and natural environment
•  Improve health and safety
Enhance the health and wellbeing of residents by creating natural and cultural amenities and improving greenspaces, walkability, and public safety. Complete development of and programming for Tarkington Park; tackle key public safety hot spots; support integration of The Red Line and enhance connectivity to, and accessibility of, 38th Street and around Tarkington Park by creating bicycle boulevards, establishing a multiuse path, adding speed tables, and enhancing crosswalks.
•  Increase local employment and provide direct access to other job centers
•  Develop a mixed-use commercial center around Tarkington Park
•  Create a place-based strategy for the retention and attraction of small businesses and larger enterprises
Utilize the area’s existing hardworking spirit to attract entrepreneurs and growing businesses that will create valuable jobs and strengthen the community. Work with Midtown Anchor Coalition to incent local hiring; develop a mixed-use commercial center around Tarkington Park, including a grocery store; transform the United Way building into a mixed-use facility with improved street presence and recruit new businesses and strengthen existing small businesses.
•  Reduce housing blight and abandonment
•  Improve existing owner-occupied and rental housing stock
•  Increase interest in new home ownership of all income levels
•  Create a large-scale, market building redevelopment initiative south of 38th Street
Use diversified housing, housing renovations, and support to current residents to bring energy to the neighborhoods upon which this Great Place is founded. Establish a large-scale housing redevelopment initiative south of 38th Street; reduce housing blight and abandonment; develop home-owner and rental repair programs to improve the existing housing stock; create a unified brand to unite the neighborhoods and create an employer-assisted Home Ownership Program.
•  Transform IPS School 43 into a high quality neighborhood school for families within the Great Place
•  Increase the array and quality of early childhood resources and out-ofschool time programming for families with children in the Great Place
•  Increase educational support services through the Mid-North Promise Program
•  Develop targeted strategy for workforce development and entrepreneurship for adult residents within the Great Place
Over a rich array of educational opportunities to residents, from cradle to career, to ensure that children, youth, and adults have access to high quality schools, enrichment activities, and training programs. Transform James Whitcomb Riley School #43 into a quality school; strengthen and expand youth programs at the MLK Community Center; establish a Center for Working Families; increase quality of, and access to, early childhood education opportunities and improve high school graduation rates and post-secondary participation through the Mid-North Promise Program.

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