Just Southeast of downtown Indianapolis is a community that serves as home to a highly diverse group of 2,300 residents and with a rich history as a place of invention and craft, this neighborhood seeks to create a walkable community with an identifi able center, while offering a mix of public spaces and facilities, with quality education options and small business opportunities, all within a unique mix of market-rate housing which is affordable for working-class families and seniors.

Development in this Great Place will continue to increase as the City of Indianapolis confirmed plans to acquire the former Citizens Manufactured Gas & Coke Plant, with the eventual goal to turn the site currently known as Pleasant Run Crossing into a home for Indianapolis’ Community Justice Campus

Twin Aire Strategic Plan

Twin Aire Abbreviated Strategic Plan

•  Increase connectivity throughout the area by expanding trails, improving pedestrian infrastructure, and creating opportunities to access a variety of transportation options
•  Expand access to art, nature, and recreational opportunities for all residents
•  Improve public health and safety
•  Create a community center
Enhance the health and well-being of residents by creating natural and cultural amenities and improving greenspaces, walkability, and public safety. Improve the intersections of Rural/Southeastern/English. Connect Pleasant Run Trail to the existing city trail network and activate Prospect Falls. Enhance the existing parks incorporating new recreation facilities and programs. Develop indoor and outdoor community gathering spaces accessible to all residents. Improve public safety.
•  Establish a dense, mixed-use center of activity that attracts local businesses and enhances economic development initiatives
•  Increase employment opportunities for local residents and create an economic development initiative that leverages the strengths of the neighborhood to attract local businesses and higher paying employers
•  Create resources for entrepreneurship and minimize barriers to entry for small businesses
Utilize the area’s existing hardworking spirit to attract entrepreneurs and growing businesses that will increase employment opportunities for local residents and create an economic development initiative that leverages the assets of the neighborhood to strengthen the overall community. Prioritize development of the mixed-use Village Center to act as a catalyst for revitalization of the area and work to reduce barriers to reinvestment. Recruit new businesses and strengthen existing small businesses minimizing barriers to entry. Advocate for a local procurement program for the Community Justice Campus that prioritizes utilizing local businesses and assists residents in identifying business opportunities related to purchasing needs. Connect residents and organizations to larger economic and workforce development initiatives offered in Indianapolis.
•  Ensure that the area will remain affordable for residents of all income levels by developing programs to assist current residents to remain in their neighborhood
•  Improve the quality of the existing housing stock and create a diverse range of new housing options
•  Become a model “aging-in-place” community
Improve the quality of existing housing stock and create a diverse range of new housing options to ensure the area will remain affordable for residents of all income levels and accessible to residents of all ages. Partner with local housing organizations to preserve and expand affordable rental and homeownership options in the area. Encourage increased homeownership by connecting renters and potential homeowners with down payment assistance programs. Create new mixed-income housing products that are currently missing from the market including townhomes, multi-family apartments and live/work units. Help current homeowners access technical assistance and capital to make home improvements. Develop a homeowner repair program specifi cally designed to make aging modifications so that seniors may remain in their homes.
•  Increase access to high-quality early learning and youth programming
•  Expand opportunities for post-secondary education and workforce development
•  Capitalize on the unique cultural context of the area and provide English language programming for non-English speakers
•  Work with TANC, SEND and/or Southeast Community Services (SECS) to create new cultural programming to celebrate the heritage of the people in the neighborhood
Offer a rich array of educational opportunities to all residents, from cradle to career, to ensure that children, youth, and adults have access to high-quality schools, particularly early learning, cultural and enrichment activities, and training programs including programming for non-English speakers. Increase the quality, access, and capacity of early learning options in the area. Utilize existing ecological assets, such as Pleasant Run Creek and Prospect Falls, to create environmental education opportunities. Connect residents to existing services, adult educational programs, job-skills programs, and training opportunities. Provide tailored job skill training that aligns with future employment opportunities available through the redevelopment of the former Citizens Gas sites and revitalization of the surrounding neighborhood. Provide cultural and bilingual programming.
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